Mindfulness and its Benefits in a Nutshell 🍃

Mindfulness and its Benefits in a Nutshell 🍃

We have a tendency to function on autopilot most of our time and perform certain tasks mindlessly without even realising it. The human mind also tends to be easily distracted by critically dwelling on past events and contemplating future ones, neglecting the only tangible moment we have – now. When stressed or under pressure, we find it difficult to manage our senses and emotions. When in pain, we stop thinking rationally.

Mindfulness enables us to reinforce our inner ability to restore our wellbeing and bring our awareness to the present moment. It is the practice of cultivating conscious awareness of our thoughts, feelings and the environment in every moment, without judging the experience. Mindfulness is about experiencing reality without filtering observations according to personal opinions and perceptions.

It is a superpower each of us already possesses yet some have not unlocked its full potential yet. Regular or daily actions will allow you to get access to this superpower and experience its benefits. Some of the everyday mindful practices you may consider implementing are:

Meditation – when you meditate, you dedicate time solely to yourself to observe your thoughts without judgement, to feel and smell your surroundings, and learn to be here and now. There are many types of meditation, such as seated meditation or visualisation, however, it is walking meditation that most beginners start with. Movement meditation engages your entire body and senses and encourages you to pay attention to people around you, street lights you pass, trees and flowers as well as beautiful chirping and singing of birds.

Hobbies – whether you like painting, drawing, dancing, cooking or journaling, make sure you give your full attention to the activity. Eliminate unnecessary distractions by turning notification off your phone or putting your phone away. Instead indulge in the present moment and enjoy the activity.

Kindness and Mindful Listening – we tend to concentrate on our loved ones and other people to such an extent that we forget to look after ourselves as well. We criticise and judge ourselves constantly without realising how terrible effect it has on our mental wellbeing in a long term. Step outside your comfort zone and unravel your true-self by listening closely to your body and substituting criticism with constructive self-reflection and self-love.


Is mindfulness for you?

Mindfulness can be practised anywhere and by anyone regardless of their background, age, gender, religion or nationality. It brings a vast array of advantages, both short and long-term, such as the ability to connect with your inner self better, which as a result gives you and your loved ones your full attention. Additionally, mindfulness has been found to reduce stress levels and prevent various mental illnesses and disorders. Through the practice, you learn to focus your mind and reduce brain chatter, and consequently experience calmness and peace of mind.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that is at your fingertips. Allow yourself a journey to self-discovery and love, and begin your practice now.🌟

This article was written by our amazing team member Inga Sobczak pictured below. You can check out more of her content on IG here.


Inga Sobczak