Our Story

How bamae came to be...

As many great stories begin with something you love, bamae began from a love of fitness, self-discovery and the thrill of smashing workouts.

It wasn't about the gym, showboating or looking toned. It was about the journey, self-achievement, and setting personal goals and expectations.

Many people are proud of their journey and rightly so, we believe every step is an achievement. Spreading love and positive vibes to help others to embrace their bodies, train on their terms, and skyrocket their confidence. Better yet, everyone was included. 

However, being active on social channels means exposure to an array of expectations from people you don't even know. They tell you who you should be, what you should wear, how you should look and feel and do... it's exhausting. Where's the people celebrating you for being... well, you?

And that's where bamae comes in. You see, you're not defined by what you look like or what you do. All that matters is what you think and what you want to achieve. It's about taking steps forward, creating habits, and celebrating your wins. That's why bamae exists - to represent women of all sizes, races, ages and lifestyles on their journey. Supporting you in life and training with body-positive activewear and body-loving loungewear.

bamae is a community for like minded women to motivate one another, share stories, celebrate wins, promote self-love and female empowerment. Together we can forget the hopeless image given to women and make fitness fun again in a way that suits you.

What does bamae actually mean? Well it’s the letters of our three main pillars, Body & Mind & Earth. You see, we believe in a healthy body meaning not just physically but the fittest of your ability in each individual shape and size. We believe it’s not what your body looks like but in fact how your body can help you live your life. Our mind because we want to ensure we are positive and focused on the good things no matter how small so we maintain the best mental attitude. Also Earth as we believe adding sustainable clothing and organic cotton to help do our part for the future. We don’t only strive for the best version of you but also connect you with helping reduce environmental impact on our planet.


bamae are...

Bamae Story

Celebrating Your Individuality

Because you're all beautiful. We're inspiring women of all body types to connect and get involved in something special. Fitness that's all about having fun and getting healthy in the process. A movement that inspires you to feel confident in your skin by embracing your body and flaunting your uniqueness. Whether that's in activewear, loungewear, anywhere.


Celebrating individuality

Size-inclusive. Body-inclusive. All-inclusive.

Inclusivity is the new exclusivity at bamae and you're invited! Free from expectations, we want women across the UK to explore themselves and discover their signature style on their terms. Whatever you need, bamae has your back. All our styles come in sizes 8 to 16 (We have plans to to expand this in the near future). From compression fit leggings to robust racerbacks and fleece-lined hoodies for when the air's a bit chilly after your workouts. Adapting to your lifestyle so you can enjoy fitness without stress.


Bamae promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle

Supporting Happy, Balanced Lifestyles

bamae are excited to champion and promote female empowerment and body-positivity in an industry that's still clinging onto stereotypes and unrealistic body expectations. We're tired of hearing about the perfect physique in fitness because it's a unicorn. What does exist are amazing benefits that will do wonders for any lifestyle you lead. Benefits such as more energy, strength and balance to your body and mental health.

A word from our models...

"Women supporting women!! I was totally out of my comfort zone shooting for bamae but meeting and spending time with other strong, confident and body positive women was just incredible. Hearing all the girls story’s with regards to fitness and their journey’s within their lives was just inspiring!" Kelly, Size 16

"In a world where brands act in a performative way only presenting diversity when the political climate mandates it, it is wonderful to have had the opportunity to work with a brand who has body inclusivity, mental health and diversity at the core of what they do." Cindy, Size 14

'bamae celebrate individuality and empowers women from all walks of life through fitness. I couldn't have picked a better community to be a part of. I was given the chance to share my passion for wellness and got to meet likeminded girls, all with inspiring stories of their own.' Jessica, Size 8

"I was given an amazing opportunity by bamae to model their beautiful clothing. I came away feeling better than ever. I met a fantastic group of women of all sizes and abilities. Each one beautiful inside and out. We posed and modelled for the cameras and laughed." Rosanna, Size 12

'With bamae, I stepped out my comfort zone, had the best time and met so many beautiful girls. It has given me the confidence to push myself further and not just stick to what I know.' Jess, Size 10