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Diversity. Female Empowerment. Body Positivity.

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bamae at its core represents well being. It’s about positive mind and body experiences, celebrating individuality, and having freedom to express yourself how you want, without limitations. We believe the journey can be more important than the goal, and that a healthy mind and body can be achieved through creating tiny habits.

Free from expectations, we want women to explore themselves and discover their signature style on their terms. All the while, loving all their curves, bumps and characteristics that make them human.


As an open and inclusive community, we're proud to champion diversity not only through our employees, but also our models and influencers too. In fact, it's one of our core values.


Our community of women inspires and motivates others to feel empowered. We share their stories, journeys and celebrate the wins. We want all women to feel empowered.

Body Positivity

All women are beautiful. We challenge industry norms and promote body positivity. Women shouldn't feel they need to conform to a certain image.

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We're sorry, but there are currently no open positions available. As a start up we're expecting high growth, so jobs will become available within the near future.

If you think bamae is a perfect fit for you then we'd still love to hear from you, and we'll be happy to keep your details on file so please drop us a message below.

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