Fitness challenges for beginners

Fitness challenges for beginners

Despite being out of lockdown for a few months, routines have gone out the window and exercise may have taken a backseat. We don’t blame you; balancing everything in life is a challenge. 

Speaking of challenges, let’s talk about fitness challenges! Fitness challenges are a great way to get back into your fitness journey as they give you a good structure to follow along with. They’ve become a viral phenomenon in the last few years, meaning there will be a fitness challenge out there somewhere that tailors to your needs.

Names like Chloe Ting are now recognised worldwide as millions of people are engaging in fitness challenges. YouTube in particular has created a trend where youtubers follow along to different fitness challenges and workouts for a set amount of time whilst tracking their progress. I personally love watching these types of videos and find them quite motivating. 

Reaction videos aside, there are so many fitness challenges out there that it can be difficult to know which ones to engage in, especially as a beginner.  In this article I’ll be compiling some of my personal favourites for you to try.

Grow with Jo – walking workout

Jo is a Youtuber who found her passion for fitness when going through her own journey – now she has over 1 million followers on YouTube and a variety of fitness challenges that are great for beginners. Her contagious energy and transparency as a fitness influencer is also very motivating. Whilst her workouts range from 30 – 50 minutes, they’re not too strenuous and are great for beginners. Don’t be fooled though - you’ll still be feeling the burn the day after!

3 Mile Walk growwithjo | Morning Cardio Abs Workout at Home | No Repeats, No Equipment

Joanna Soh – 4 week burn challenge 

Joanna Soh is one of my personal favourite fitness Youtubers, as she maintains honestly with her audience as well as creating a variety of workouts to kickstart your fitness goals. In this 4-week challenge, Joanna combines core exercises with cardio for a well-rounded productive workout. On her channel, Joanna has a range of different fitness challenges, as well as healthy tips and tricks to help you stay on track.

4-Week BURN Belly Fat Challenge | Joanna Soh

Lilly Sabri - 2-week full body workout

Lilly Sabri is another fitness youtuber who is notorious for her fitness challenges. I picked this 14-day full body workout because it’s short and great for beginners. Not only is it 12 minutes, it’s also apartment friendly and can be done in the comfort of your home. 

FULL BODY FAT LOSS in 14 Days NO JUMPING | Free Home Workout Guide

slim up

Lauren Giraldo - treadmill workout

Lauren Giraldo coined the 12 3 30 treadmill work as her own experiences of the gym left her feeling overwhelmed with choice. By creating this workout routine, going the gym became a much easier and comfortable task as it only required using one machine - the treadmill. This workout consists of putting the treadmill on a 12 incline with a speed of 3 for 30 minutes. This workout is easy and great for any level of fitness, and has various testimonials of its success rate online.


my treadmill routine

30 day Skipping challenge 

Not headed by any particular person, the skipping challenge requires skipping every day. Skipping is a great exercise as it’s a full body workout and improves muscle tone and co-ordination (I). Whether you decide to do 1,000 skips a day, 100, or 10 minutes of skipping, you can adjust this to your fitness level. The only thing that you need for this is a skipping rope and consistency! 

Couch to 5k challenge

If you’re a beginner and want to get into running, couch to 5k is a great app to start. Each run you do is tracked and your level of fitness is accounted for, with the first runs easing you into it. In week 1, you’ll spend 1 minute running and 90 seconds in between walking. As the weeks go on, these times will change as your stamina starts to increase. The aim is by the end of the 9-week programme, you’ll be running for 30 minutes continuously! 

Alexa Ren – 10 minute ab workout

If you’re looking for a quick but efficient workout then look no further – this 10-minute ab workout will leave you feeling the burn. Alexa Ren’s ab workout was turned into a challenge by Youtubers; my personal favourite is Susie J. Todd. You can watch her video following along to Alexa Ren’s workout here.