Briony's story - fighting fit

Briony's story - fighting fit

Here we speak with Briony, who shares her personal story on changing sports from volleyball in her teens, to kickboxing as an adult.

Briony describes it as life changing, and the one place she doesn't feel any stress.

So if you've ever wondered about doing a contact sport and what it could mean and feel like to you, then listen to Briony on her experience and how it can help you reduce your anxiety and give you confidence. 

A bit about Briony...

Instagram handle: @bricountscals

Favourite bamae outfit: Signature Fleece Cropped Jumper - Burnt Orange

Size: 16

We asked some fun questions to find a little bit more...

Morning or evening person - Evening - it's too hard to get up in the morning!
Favourite food - Anything Mexican.
Favourite animal - Giraffes!
Coffee or tea? Tea.
Run or walk? - Walk..always!
Describe yourself in three words - Confident. Honest. Loyal

We hope you like our stories, we'll be bringing more to you each week. Have an amazing Christmas!