11 creative ways to reuse your old yoga mat

11 creative ways to reuse your old yoga mat

Re-purposing objects that have had their day is a great way to cut cost and avoid unnecessary waste. No apparatus is more versatile in this regard than the humble yoga mat, which you may want to re-use for any number of reasons aside from the abandonment of your fitness initiative. And no shame if you happen to be doing it for that reason. Here’s some ideas to consider before you bin it, just make sure the material has been sanitised and use a sharp stencil knife and big pair of scissors when attempting to produce these life-savers. 

  • Door mat 
  • The yoga mat material is good for taking a stomping. Cut out a rectangle and plop it down by your door. If it has a bumpy surface it will be particularly good at picking up dirt. 

  • Countertop and table protector
  • Prevent your kitchen counter from getting wet by slipping a piece of yoga mat beneath your drying rack. This will protect the finish and save you from having to wipe it down constantly. Alternatively, keep your wood surfaces burn mark free by using it as a table mat, and bang down those 80 degree pans with confidence. 

  • Dog-proofer 
  • How fiendish are those pooch hairs, and how they get everywhere! One-up them by lining the car floor or boot with protective yoga mat, but don’t be surprised when your mongrel starts busting out the Virabhadrasana pose the next time you take them on a journey. 

  • Mouse pad
  • If your yoga mat is made from a smooth, non-tactile texture then it will be particularly good for a slippery mouse. Cut out a pleasing circle or blob shape and spruce up your work desk! Also good for slippery keyboards, or even as an wrist rest. 

  • Cutlery drier
  • If you’re finding your hand-washed cutlery is never dry, then (responsibly) ditch the drainer and spread your forlorn knives, forks and spoons on a clean rectangle of yoga mat. This also makes it easier to wipe them with a cloth (if necessary) and separate them out, thus helping you regain control of your life in a minor way. 

  • Knee rest
  • For those of you that are into gardening, there’s no need buy frivolous foam knee pads that will quickly become trashed anyway. Your old yoga mat is just as kind on the knees and will gratefully accept its new life among the muck and weeds. If you’re willing to do some DIY you can cut out a piece that suites your knees, create several more pieces of the same size using that one as a template, and glue them together. Use a stencil knife to carve out a handle and take that baby with you everywhere! 

  • Pet food tray
  • If your domestic beasts are messy eaters, or you end up chronically overfilling their water bowl, then slap some yoga mat on the floor where they eat (I hope this is where they eat) and marvel at your ingenuity. This is also a handy way to keep the bowls in place and will genuinely prevent shenanigans. 

  • Sleeping mat
  • Can’t get to sleep while camping? Create some extra support for your back by slipping your mat underneath the sleeping bag. This is also a great excuse to do some on-the-fly stretches amongst nature. Is there a better place to do it? 

  • Packing material
  • If moving all of your things into a new place gives you anxiety, then make the most of the yoga mat’s impact-reducing qualities by lining your boxes with the stuff, or wrapping more delicate objects in strips of it. Put an end to the trauma of shuttling ceramics TODAY. 

  • Washing machine quieter 
  • If you have one of those machines that shakes down the whole building and convinces neighbours you are secretly operating a thermonuclear reactor then consider dampening the noise with your old yoga mat. Simply place it under the machine and notice, with intrigue, how it absorbs some of the sound. This works equally well for noisy old computer towers if you happen to own such a thing. 

  • Cactus stand
  • Lets face it, you can’t live without these little dudes. For a simple but elegant way to keep a few of them in place, create a small tray of carboard by cutting out a rectangle shape with flaps, then fold and tape them. Glue a piece of yoga mat inside the tray – this will keep your little pots in place. If you want to be able to rearrange your cactuses then stick another piece of the same size on the bottom, and place it where you think they will shine. However, if you want more of a stand in the traditional sense then cut out holes for your pots using a stencil knife and flip the thing over. If you did it correctly your pots should be able to slot in nicely, making you feel like a good plant-mother.