"Fabulous women, holding each others hands through the tough times"

Inclusivity is the new exclusivity at Bamae. And we’re inviting women of all body types to connect and
support one another and get involved in something special and fun, motivating and sharing their stories. A
movement and community that inspires generations of women to feel confident in their own skin by embracing their
bodies and flaunting their uniqueness.

Free from expectations, we want women to explore themselves and discover their signature style on
their terms. All the while, loving all their curves, bumps and characteristics that make them human.

Supporting Happy, Balanced Lifestyles

bamae are excited to champion and promote female empowerment and body-positivity in an industry that's still clinging onto stereotypes and unrealistic body expectations. We're tired of hearing about the perfect physique in fitness because it's a unicorn. What does exist are amazing benefits that will do wonders for any lifestyle you lead. Benefits such as more energy, strength and balance to your body and mental health.

Celebrating Your Individuality

Because you're all beautiful. We're inspiring women of all body types to connect and get involved in something special. Fitness that's all about having fun and getting healthy in the process. A movement that inspires you to feel confident in your skin by embracing your body and flaunting your uniqueness. Whether that's in activewear, loungewear, anywhere.

Bamae is a community of empowered women, each on their own journey. If you get accepted to the ambassador program, we can't wait to support and work with you on your journey.