What To Look For In Workout Leggings

What To Look For In Workout Leggings

Finding the right workout gear can be the one thing that makes or breaks your exercise routine. Many people take on a more pragmatic mindset when it comes to their workout clothes-- as long as it fits, it works. But actually, experts note how things like how flattering your workout clothes are can influence your confidence, and, subsequently, your performance.

When it comes to workout leggings you might have had a trial-and-error experience trying to find the right pair, or maybe you still haven’t found “the ones” just yet.

There are so many features required of your workout clothes to ensure that you not only get the most out of your workout sessions but, dare I say, enjoy them. Bamae has created a tidy list of things to consider when shopping for workout leggings that could help boost your confidence, performance, and motivation when you work out.


You’d think this one goes without saying, but you’d be surprised at just how many people end up with workout gear that doesn’t fit them correctly or compliment the type of exercise they’re doing. 

Being uncomfortable during physical activities only ensures that you won’t enjoy yourself and will probably demoralise you. 

It’s important to make sure your comfort is catered to whilst you exercise-- after all, you don’t need another excuse to skip out on your daily routine!

When it comes to ensuring holistic comfort our advice is to make sure you get not just your size right, but that your leggings work according to your proportions too.

Does the waistband leave enough breathing room around your waist? Is there sufficient mobility for all those squats and Yoga poses you’ll be doing?

Your leggings are supposed to be almost like a second skin when you’re practicing your lotus poses or even just lying down to take a break, so keep looking until you find the perfect pair.



When it comes to your exercise clothes, the material often goes hand in hand with comfortability, durability and flexibility. This is particularly true of workout leggings 

The materials that your activewear is made of should complement your movements, allow your skin to breathe, and all whilst helping you to regulate your body temperature and sweat production.

Consider styles with mesh incorporated into the design or leggings made from breathable materials like Nylon. Nylon is an extremely popular activewear material used by many brands due to its moisture-wicking  (drawing out sweat from the skin to the material’s 
surface) quality making it perfect for those high-intensity workouts.

If you’re someone who is very much into sustainable clothing, then maybe go down the bamboo route. Bamboo is a biodegradable fabric (points for sustainability!) that, like Nylon, helps absorb moisture effectively. Additionally, bamboo helps protect your skin against harmful UV rays giving you more incentive to take your workouts outside and safely get some vitamin D!


The discipline of sports psychology highlights the importance of how mental state can affect physical performance. As we stated before, flattering workout gear can influence your motivation to go to the gym, confirming what we all know--when you look good, you feel good.

Opt for bold pattern designs that you can pair with your workout vests and sports bras. Or maybe go for muted tones that will flatter your shape and make you the envy of your fellow yogis.

Either way, don’t be afraid to step out of the status quo of black and grey and into something that reflects your energy and showcases your confidence!



Thanks to the workout-gear-as-clothing fashion trend, we can finally wear our comfy joggers anywhere and no one can tell us a thing. 

The same goes for workout leggings. More and more women are ditching regular black leggings and instead choosing their workout leggings to not only exercise but run errands or lounge around at home.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to the material of your leggings and not only are you spoilt for choice, but once you’ve scoured the internet enough, you’ll be able to find something that meets your needs no matter how specific.

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