Five Fitness Exercises to Stay Healthy

Five Fitness Exercises to Stay Healthy

Staying fit is important to staying healthy. When you incorporate fitness exercises into your life, you become stronger, faster, happier, and enjoy greater energy levels. Enhanced fitness also leads a healthier heart, increased circulation, and more balance in both body and mind.  

So, we teamed up with our models at bamae to share the deets on their favourite fitness exercises to stay healthy, and also give them a good body workout. If you've wondered what a model behind the gear thinks, this is your chance. It may offer some balance to your life.

Five Fitness Exercises to Stay in Shape 

  1. Yoga
  2. Weightlifting
  3. Martial Arts
  4. Swimming
  5. Walking

Dina Bamae Model

Dina Thain - Size 10 model - Yoga

"I love yoga. It's the one exercise that makes me feel like I'm progressing the most. To many people, it's not the most active fitness exercise in the world. But to me, it requires a beautiful balance of strength and flexibility that grows with each session. After a class, the next day, I feel achy because I worked hard. But I can feel myself getting better."

Why Add Yoga Fitness Exercise to Your Routine?

It’s not just about stretching and lying on a mat. Yoga has a range of benefits for both the body and the mind. From increased flexibility and muscle tone to a healthier metabolism and self-esteem. There's evidence that suggests that regular practice can help reduce symptoms of stress in women, high blood pressure, as well as niggly pains, such as lower back trouble.

Whether practicing from home or taking part in a class, make sure you have a quality yoga mat at the ready. Preferably one with thermal properties that is easy to clean after sessions.

3 Benefits of Yoga Exercise for Women

  1. Better all-round fitness and health
  2. Improves your balance on and off the mat
  3. Helps you to destress and unburden your mind



Amy Bamae Model

Amy Golby - Size 16 model - Weightlifting

"Weightlifting is a great workout for the body. Deadlifts are my favourite exercise. There's no better feeling than the power you feel after you've pulled a big lift off the floor. You feel an immense amount of satisfaction."

Why Add Weightlifting Training to Your Routine?

Resistance training, such as weightlifting, is a healthy way to generate strength, power, and endurance across the body. It improves athletic performance, energy levels, and reduces risk of injury and diseases. e.g. diabetes. However, it's also thought to improve your mental health, too. According to a study by JAMA Psychiatry, evidence revealed that engaging in resistance training for at least two days a week can alleviate symptoms such as depression.

Not into lifting weights? That's okay, a great alternative is resistance bands. From light to heavy, you can give your body a workout from anywhere. And they fit nicely into bags, too.

3 Benefits of Weight Training for Women

  1. Build strength throughout your body
  2. Helps your overall mental wellbeing
  3. Reduces the risk of injury and disease



Briony Bamae model

Briony Harmes - Size 16 model - Martial Arts

"I used to be a volleyball player, but found purpose in kickboxing. It gave me a goal of focus for getting fit and achieving a black belt. When I started martial arts, I was worried I'd be out of place or that it was going to be intimidating. You know, with it being an aggressive sport. But it was the opposite. Kickboxing is about looking after others and is one place I feel safe"

Why Add Martial Arts to Your Routine?

Martial arts are a fantastic way to build confidence, learn self-defence, and give your body a workout - all key to a balanced body and mind. With 170 styles to choose from, from boxing to karate, tai-chi and taekwondo, there's something for everyone. Each style can help boost your balance, strength and cognitive ability. A 2016 study in the Journal of Sport and Health Science found that after five months, training could enhance attention and motor reactivity. 

Joining a class once a week can make a world of difference. Keep yourself fighting fit and ready for anything in the right gear that keeps you supported and comfortable as you train.

3 Benefits of Martial Arts Training for Women

  1. Boosts your health, confidence, and social skills
  2. Provides a positive outlook to learn and grow
  3. Takes your athletic prowess to the next level



Cindy Bamae Model

Cindy Zapata - Size 14 model - Swimming

"I grew up being told swimming was the complete exercise. I really enjoy it. I learned how it helps you to concentrate on things like your breathing, movement, how to focus and get out of your head. I love the serenity of water. There's something special about floating on the surface. It's freeing. You're literally weightless. It's all very calming."

Why Add Swimming to Your Routine?

Swimming works all the major muscles of your body. How? Well, when you swim, you are pushing against the resistance of water. In doing so, you effectively exercise muscles that include your core abs, lower back, glutes, and shoulders. By varying your stroke against this resistance, you'll start to build your muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. There's also evidence that suggests that it can decrease confusion, tension or mental distress.

When taking to the water, a streamlined swimsuit is what you're after. One that enhances your performance and enables you to cut through water with as little resistance as possible.

3 Benefits of Swimming for Women

  1. Provides a full-body and cardiovascular workout.
  2. For people of all ages looking to get healthier.
  3. Helps raise your mood and cognitive wellbeing.



Emily Bamae Model

Emily Slater - Size 14 model - Walking

"I'm that person that goes for walks. I like sunset and sunrise walks across Wales. I want to be fit and healthy when I walk without huffing and puffing. In my job, I am sometimes on my feet for 12 hours a day moving around. I just want to live a healthy lifestyle"

Why Add Walking to Your Fitness Routine?

Walking is free, easy to start, and you can pace yourself on your terms. You can start slowly with a walk around the block or to the shops. Configure a phone app and you can track your steps, monitor your health, and set yourself daily goals. Walking offers a wealth of amazing benefits, too, from improving circulation to strengthening your heart and aiding your joints. Walking opens your eyes to a gorgeous world outside: parks, forests, hills and caves... if it's a public space, you can walk it. There's also meet groups for days you want a walking buddy. Another benefit? It’s a fantastic way to calm your mind.

Fancy a ramble? Whether trekking into town or exploring your local woods, make sure you gear up. That means the right walking shoes, cooling gear, and duffle for your packed lunch.

3 Benefits of Walking for Women

  1. There's a whole world out there to explore.
  2. You'll achieve a healthier body and mindset.
  3. It's free. Something to do alone or with friends.