Exercise equipment all remote workers need in their home

It can be difficult to navigate your way through the abundance of foam rollers, dumbbell sets and exercise bikes on fitness sites. After all, do you really need the treadmill cushions or are companies trying to cash in on the fact that you are probably unfamiliar to the equipment in the fitness world? (Probably the latter). It can be difficult finding the right home equipment without blowing a bag on equipment that’s big, clunky and may end up gathering dust in the corner of your living room. 

If you find yourself in that demographic then have no fear; I’ve done my fair share of home workouts and I’m here to share the best and cheapest exercise equipment you’ll need when working (out) from home. 

Yoga mat 

This is the most fundamental piece of equipment you’ll need as a home worker. A yoga mat is a great place to do any exercise. Whether it’s a floor workout, strength training, on hard wood floor or carpet, it’s a key piece of equipment that you can’t miss. 

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Skipping rope 

Skipping is one of the greatest forms of cardio for our bodies, and the best part is they’re inexpensive and easy to store. The Cooper Institute found that ten minutes of skipping is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging (I).

Resistance bands 

Resistance bands are a great purchase because you can replicate a lot of moves on them without needing the clunky equipment. These are also a great replacement for dumbbells and are much easier to store which is a bonus. 

You can shop our three-piece resistance band set here. Each band has a different weight capacity, meaning you can continue growing your strength and using these bands on both low and high resistant exercises. 

Alternatively, if you prefer something with a little more stability you can always opt to buy resistance bands with handles. 

Ab roller

An ab roller is a great piece of equipment that will engage both your core and upper body. Using this in your home workouts will also increase your posture and core stability, which can improve back pain and day to day tasks. This is more common since coronavirus, as many of us spend the day with our bums in a seat, most likely hunched over a computer. In fact, a survey commissioned by Nurofen found that 36% more people were experiencing back pain in 2020 as a result of lockdown (I). Whilst an ab roller won’t magically cure your pain, it can stimulate movements to combat long term symptoms and stiffness. Another plus is they’re also inexpensive and are easy to store.

Yoga ball

Whilst this one may appear a surprise to some, owning a yoga ball can add versatility to your workouts. Not only can they be used to increase flexibility and stretch out your body, but research indicates that exercises done on a yoga ball are more effective than on the floor (II). You can also explore other types of exercise within your own home, like Pilates or yoga. 

The great thing about yoga balls is that you can inflate and deflate them, meaning you don’t need to weigh up the pros and cons of having a big ball permanently stuck in your living room!


If you find it difficult to fit all your steps in, buying a stepper to use at home is a great alternative. This way you can keep active whilst working from home. You can even put it under your desk to keep yours legs moving whilst working. Whilst a stepper is more expensive than the other items listed here, the good news is they’re not too pricey.

Good trainers

Whilst this one may seem fairly obvious, good trainers are a necessity when it comes to working out. Using any old trainers can cause long term issues in terms of posture, comfort and form. The key to buying a good trainer is looking at the design of the shoe; some trainers are designed for fitness whereas some are made for aesthetics. When we exercise, our feet heat up and expand, so make sure you buy a size up! Whilst buying a pair of good trainers takes some investment, it’s definitely one that will help you in the long run. And remember, it’s important to have a look around and see what fits your comfort and personal style. 

There you have it; my list of key equipment that you’ll need when working out at home. Just remember that despite there being so many pieces of equipment that can help you, there are also lots of ways to work out for free. All you need is your body, a comfortable space, and a willingness to engage.