Cindy's Story - finding a balance.

Cindy's Story - finding a balance.

We chatted with Cindy, who shares her personal story with mental health and physical health - and how important it is to have a symbiosis between the two.

Cindy was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a teenager, and found moving into her twenties, fitness helped her find a balance.

She also has some incredible advice with finding your balance in life.

Take a few minutes out your day, and enjoy Cindy's story in her own words. 

A bit about Cindy...

Instagram handle: @cindygzapata

Favourite bamae outfit: Empower Set - Black

Size: 14

We asked some fun questions to find a little bit more...

Morning or evening person - Morning - it pumps you up for the day.
Favourite food - Thai cuisine...yum!
Favourite animal - Coco - my Pomeranian! ('m showing favouritism).
Coffee or tea? Neither - as a stimulant they can aggravate anxiety, so I prefer fruit juices without the caffeine.
Run or walk? - Depends where you're going! If I'm late for the bus...I'll run. But if there's sale at the shop, I'll walk calmly not to miss the offers!
Describe yourself in three words - Sassy. Cute. Headstrong. 

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