Best Wellness/Mindfulness retreats around the world to recharge

Best Wellness/Mindfulness retreats around the world to recharge

Best wellness retreats around the world to recharge

The world is opening up once again, and I don’t know about you but I could use a break. Bamae curated a list of perfect recommendations for you that aim to soothe your body and mind, either through relaxation or workshops and workouts. If you’re not sure what you want yet, then this guide might be able to help you get a better idea of where you want to go. The retreats listed below are from all corners of the world and focus on helping you get away from the everyday grind to focus on your physical and mental health. From hands-on group activities to hidden spa buildings in green pastures untouched by nature, there is something for every getaway seeker.

Fivelments Retreat, Bali


 Being in natural and lush green environments has its own heap of benefits, so coupled with the myriad of activities and therapies here to help you feel your best you really can’t go wrong. 

A private sanctuary with a focus on natural, plant-based foods and traditional Balinese healing traditions, the picturesque nature of this area will sweep you away. Nestled amongst the Balinese jungle alongside beautiful natural rivers, this is a fantastic opportunity to exist amongst nature. 

ANA intercontinental spa, Beppu Japan

 Being located in Beppu, an area infamous for its natural hot springs (onsen) the facilities here are specifically catered to make the most of beautiful natural resources and incorporate them into a secluded retreat. The treatments rooted in traditional practices and locally sourced food will make you feel wonderful inside and out. The beautiful integration of natural resources- bamboo, cool stone, and wood make this a gorgeous retreat that is definitely worth a look.

3 Day Wild and free Glamping retreat, Australia

australia glamping

This one is for those of you looking for a hands-on active experience that gets you back in touch with your roots. With a huge variety of activities to get you involved, you can’t get much further from the usual routines. Starting your mornings how you want can do you a world of good, with the choices of activities like volleyball and Acroyoga to keep you active, or if you want to relax after a long day of physical activities you can unwind in the jacuzzi or settle in to watch a film at the outdoor cinema. This can be a great chance to try new things and meet new friends along the way.

Aro Ha- New Zealand

dank views

Tucked away in the Alps, amongst the natural scenery, is the meticulously crafted little gem. . A wellness retreat that emphasises the role of stillness and quiet in the path to mental recovery. There is a maximum number of 32 guests at one time, making the experience even more personal to you. Practice yoga and mindfulness with a greater focus in this quiet place of peace. Sauna and daily massages included, as well as access to yoga studios and mindful activities threaded throughout your day, this retreat has been specially tailored to renew your body and spirit. Remove yourself entirely from the crowds of the usual and get reacquainted with yourself.

3 Day discovery retreat- Wales


If you want a well-being retreat near you, this might be the answer. With a river running alongside the gardens of this natural retreat, those of us looking to lean into mindful practices should be right at home here. Natural streams and woodland surround this private retreat, letting you make the most of Britain’s long-standing beauty. You can choose to go out and explore the green landscapes around your quiet little bubble or just sit back and enjoy peace of mind. With meditation and yoga sessions available too, this retreat is ideal for those looking to take a break that’s a little closer to home.

Go natural 30-day meditation and yoga retreat- Jamaica


If a weekend getaway sounds like a short half an hour to you, take a look at this 30-day all-inclusive retreat is designed specifically for those who are looking for a full reset. With a focus on holistic yoga and meditation practices, as well as access to handmade healthy foods and herbal medicines, there is nothing more important here than making sure you come away feeling completely revitalised. Surrounded by crystal clear ocean waters and quiet beaches, simply taking in your surrounding here will do your mind and body a world of good.

SHA Wellness clinic- Spain

Spain without the S


The focal point of this clinic’s practices comes from its attention to specially detailed wellness programmes. The aim is to encourage you to lean into healthy habits and learn new ways to take care of yourself. As well as physical activities to keep you on your toes, they offer a variety of informal lectures therapies, and cooking classes to help you learn new ways to keep your body healthy. The food made for you is also exceptionally healthy so this is an effective option for those who are hoping to adjust their food intake towards healthier options alongside their wellness retreat.

7 Day personal transformation retreat with Pure Vida, Yelapa Mexico

When you picture a tropical paradise in your mind, the scenes in this retreat will be very close to what you see. Being a healthy combination of spa, spiritual retreat, and source of natural healing therapies, there’s a huge variety of ways to rest and recharge. Daily classes and workshops let you take a look at the different forms of yoga to find what works for you- Yin and Restorative yoga as well as breathwork and Chi- gong are just some of the ways you can improve your wellbeing as you take in the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds you.