30 Free apps to keep you motivated on your fitness journey

30 Free apps to keep you motivated on your fitness journey


When it comes to working out, do you need extra support to stay motivated? Do you find working out confusing and difficult to stick to?

Here at Bamae we’ve put together 30 free apps that are guaranteed to keep you motivated & engaged on your fitness journey, no matter what your fitness goals are.

  1. Couch to 5k. This is a great app for beginner runners. The difficulty of the runs are gradually increased, allowing you to build up your stamina and run for longer. It interchanges periods of jogging with walking which eventually leads to a full run at the end of the program. Whilst fitness apps can be overwhelming at times, this app goes at a good pace.

  2. Zombies, run! This is a story game where you’re running away from zombies. Stop and you’ll be eaten – I think that can be a pretty big motivator to keep going! You can even add your music in the back, although I’m still not sure what music would be appropriate for a zombie apocalypse.

  3. Strava. Strava is a great app to track your run. Instead of running aimlessly, you can see how far you’ve run and which route you’ve taken, which allows you to monitor your progress and think about other routes that you want to explore.

  4. Nike run club. This is a great app that compiles workout programs & video walkthroughs. It’s totally customizable to your own goals and you can choose between endurance, strength, mobility, and yoga.

  5. The Walk. This is another fun fitness game designed to keep you engaged. Made by the same company as Zombies, run! This is for those people who aren’t runners. The story of the game consists of you having a package that can save the world, but the only way to do this is to stay alive and walk the length of the UK.

  6. Pokémon Go. Despite the peak of this app having past now, this game is a great way to get outside and have a good time. The best thing about Pokémon Go is that you can play with friends, meaning going for a lengthy walk doesn’t have to be so boring when you’re catching your favourite Pokémon with people

    1. Noom. This app targets your mental state during your fitness journey. Noom is great as it can guide you on how to be more mindful when it comes to food, something that a lot of apps and programs ignore. It’ll help when it comes to managing food triggers, social and stress obligations. Whilst the full version is not free, there is a 14-day trial available, and you can still continue to use some features for free if you choose not to pay.

    2. Charity Miles. Ever feel like you need a reason to work out? Look no further, as charity miles is a great way to keep you fit whilst donating to a good cause, all with no detriment to your pocket. With every mile you run on this app, charity sponsors will donate to a charity of your choice from over 40 organizations.

    3. Yoga Wake Up. If you’re inclined to hit snooze one too many times in the morning, this app is just for you. Yoga wake up gives you 10 yoga exercises you can do from your bed to ease you into your day.

    1. My Fitness Pal. Whilst workout motivation is important, fitness is broken down into 70% diet, 30% fitness. This means no amount of exercise can compensate if your diet is the thing that you need motivation to change. My Fitness Pal is great for tracking your food progress and getting a visual representation of what you eat. The great thing about this app is that you can engage with a community and cheer others on, as well as receiving support from people who are on their own fitness journey.

    2. Yonder. Some people will never be avid gym goers, and that’s totally ok. Yonder is aimed exactly for the people that love getting their exercise from the great outdoors. It’s simple; input your location and Yonder will suggest hiking, biking, and skiing places near you.

    1. Freeletics. If you find yourself wanting to work out, but don’t have any fancy gym equipment at home, then look no further! Freeletics is an app with over 900 bodyweight exercises that only require, you guessed it, your bodyweight!

    2. The Fabulous. This one is a great app for mindfulness and developing healthy habits. All you need to do is input your desired goals, whether that be weight loss, having more energy or sleeping better, and your virtual coach will advise you on what habits to adopt in order to achieve this goal.

    3. Coach Me. This app appoints you a work coach and celebrates your milestones. All you need to do is set a goal and check back in to update your progress, allowing you to track your progress with visual affirmations.

    4. Strides. This is another great app for smart goal tracking. You can keep your goals, habits, and routines all together in one place, helping keep you more organized.

    1. 7. Like the name implies, this app is designed to give you quick workouts that can be completed in 7 minutes. Often if you’re a beginner in the fitness world it can be difficult to incorporate long workouts into your daily routine, however 7 breaks down the fear and gives you the confidence to find time every day for a workout.
    1. FitOn. This app gives you a variety of workout classes from some well-known names in the fitness industry. Being able to follow a workout with another person (even if they are virtual) can give you the extra bit of motivation you need to push through! They have a variety of workouts to choose from, meaning you can cater to your own needs, whether that be a short 10-minute workout or a 30-minute HIIT session.


    1. Adidas training. Similar to the Nike run club app, Adidas has brought a fitness app to fruition. Complete with premade workouts, customizable workout features and follow along videos, this is a great app to use on your fitness journey. One downside to the app is that there is a lack of motivational coaching, however if you’re someone who wants to follow along to a workout without the cheesy motivational cheers then this is for you.

    2. Strong Workout Tracker. This app is great for people who are already active but want to track their workouts in order to maximise their performance. Here you can track your PBs (personal best) and add notes to describe how each of your workouts went. The app also calculates warm up sets, reps and allows you to chart your lifts and favourite metrics.

    1. Home Workout. This is an app specifically designed for home workouts. Whether you don’t like the gym, can’t afford the gym, or want to build your confidence working out at home, this is the app for you.

    2. Yoga for Beginners – Mind+ Body. Interested in Yoga but don’t know where to start? This app is perfect for you. It gives you an introduction into the different types of Yoga and is complete with user friendly videos you can follow along with.

    1. Map my Fitness by Under Amour. This app is great for creating workout plans and logging your weights, reps and sets per exercise. This app is also compatible with most devices as well as Apple Health and My Fitness Pal, meaning you can have a more comprehensive and detailed look at all aspects of your fitness/lifestyle journey.

    2. Nourishly. This app is designed for those who want to improve their relationship with food. Made by a group of dieticians, psychologists and researchers, the app gives you cognitive behavioral meal, sleep, hunger, and temptation tracking. There’s no calorie counting in this app, but instead healthy habits are encouraged, and the app is linked to your care team to get feedback and precision treatment. The app is also in line with HIPAA, meaning all your information is private and secure to an industry standard.

    1. Yummly Recipes. Ever find yourself not knowing what to cook? Recycling the same bland pasta three times a week? Yummly is your own personalized cookbook designed to reignite your love for cooking. Simply put in your dietary requirements and preferences, and Yummly will generate personalized recipes based on your information. Complete with features like recipe scheduling, utilizing ingredients in your fridge and adding recipes to your food shop, Yummly is a great way to improve your diet and branch out.

    2. My W days. Whilst My W days is not a fitness orientated app, using it alongside your fitness journey can help keep motivation high and keep you going. Acting as an E journal, you can track how you’ve been feeling that day, add pictures and toggle your mood. With its password protection, you can write freely knowing that it is for your eyes only. Whether it’s to write about your day, track workouts or simply a place where you can let your emotions run wild, this app can be used for whatever you desire.

    3. Habitica. This app turns the task of creating habits into an old school RPG (role playing game). Simply list the habits you want to create and each time you get closer to your goal your avatar is rewarded with gold coins and health points; fail to do so and you lose these. Sticking to new habits can be hard but Habitica makes it more fun by looking at it through game form.

    1. BODY by blogilates. Created by Cassey Ho, this app is great for beginners who want fulfilling workouts. With a great range of workouts and interactive fitness challenges, this is great for all levels of fitness.

    2. Plant Nanny. This app is a hydration tracker game. Water your plant by logging your water intake and watch your plant grow!

    1. Sleep cycle. Getting enough rest is vital to keeping your energy levels high in order to maximize your fitness journey. This app is great for tracking your sleep cycle and optimizing when the best time is for you to wake up. With this data often times you’ll be woken up before your alarm; this is because the app calculates when you’re not in REM sleep so you can wake up with ease.

    2. FitBod. This is a great fitness app for weightlifting. You can follow along to exercises and track your workouts. This tracking is designed to push you further each time you work out, whether that be increasing your reps or weights. Weightlifting can be a scary leap in the fitness world, but Fitbod makes it easier by giving you pictures and instructions on how to lift correctly. It can also connect to your smartwatch which allows hands free tracking!

    So, now it seems you’re spoilt for choice on what apps to download to help motivate you! Don’t let this choice overwhelm you and throw you off; instead pick a few that cater to your own personal goals that you need extra support to achieve.

    Whether you need help making fitness more fun, tracking your diet, or creating healthy habits, with the help of these apps, a little consistency and some determination, anything is possible.